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About Me

I’m an IT consultant with over 20 years’ experience in the industry.  I’ve been contracting in the Netherlands since moving here from my home country of England.  Unix system administration has been my main vocation for the last 10 years but in the last few years I have also been working a lot in the world of virtualisation. This includes running a moderate sized Xen environment for a Linux SLES deployment of application servers and more recently several larger  VMware ESXi clusters running a mix of Windows and Linux servers.

My reason for starting this blog and adding to the already large amount of blogs in the virtualisation arena was to document some of my learning experiences working with VMware and Xen. I hope also to bring a bit more ESXi information to the internet as ESX seems to be the more dominant of the pair.

Hopefully the content (and readership) of this blog will be more than VirtuallyNil.



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