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Getting started February 11, 2010

Posted by vneil in ESX, ESXi, Virtualisation, VMware.
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As I mention in the about page I have decided to start this blog to try and give a little bit back to the community and post some of my experiences with working in virtualisation.

The idea when I thought about starting this blog was to add more information about ESXi to the VMware blogging arena as most of the information I read was about ESX. Unfortunately since I decided to create this blog (it’s taken me a few weeks to get going) VMware have beaten me to it and they’ve started a major push to promote ESXi and seem to be selling it as an upgrade to move from ESX to ESXi, which I find a strange choice of words. I guess they could mean to upgrade from ESX3.5 to ESXi4.0 because otherwise it would just be a change of install base and methods, not an upgrade. VMware also added an ESXi contest to their vSphere Blog which has meant a sudden glut of ESXi blog entries popping up, it seems my timing for starting an ESXi focused blog was a little off.

I won’t be down hearted ,  I will continue with my mission and help promote ESXi and detail some of the experience we have had running it in our 2 production clusters which consist of a 10  and a 20 node cluster.